Learn to Play


David Firman, a founding member of the Kansas City Ukesters will teach at his home studio or will come to your home and teach beginner and intermediate players of all ages. Ask David about his “Ukulele 101” workshop or the “String Changing” clinic. dkfirman@gmail.com




Linda Tilton, a long time Ukester and a fine instructor teaches beginner & intermediate ukulele lessons at the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, KS. Linda also teaches one hour Short Session classes which focuses on one specific genre or playing technique at each class. Contact Linda at leendakc@hotmail.com or call directly to schedule lessons at 785-764-7084.





Coustii - "How to Play Ukulele Like a Boss". A great beginner tutorial and more.

Tutorial. Here is a link to Dr. Uke that has some really great downloadable material for those of us still learning. www.doctoruke.com/theory.html

Online Ukulele school? You betcha! www.ukeschool.com/

TakeLessons is an online platform that connects students with teachers for private lessons in music, foreign languages, fitness, and more. We also have a set of online tools and resources to help private teachers grow and manage their business. http://takelessons.com/blog/beginner-ukulele-lessons-z10

TakeLessons also frequently adds new articles about learning ukulele to our blog here: http://takelessons.com/blog/learn-ukulele.