Ukester Chuck Wilson is creating some of the coolest embroidered uke designs around. Uke Thongs and embroidered ukulele themed apparel. Please check out the Mechandise page to see more.

First and foremost, Tune it!
Here is a handy chart, to figure out tunings of your cittern, Domra Contra Bass or even your uke:

Songs and Music
Doctor Uke Ukutabs
Richard G's Ukulele Songbook Chordie
Ukeland Guitar Guy Songbook
Ukulele Boogaloo Uke Buddy (Chord Finder)
  Got a Ukulele

General Ukulele Sites
Flea Market Music, Inc - In my view, the best all-round ukulele websites. Fun to explore.
Coustii - "How to play the ukulele like a boss" and much more.
Got A Ukulele. Great site with lots of stuff. Grab a cup of coffee.
The Backward Ukulele Player - More information to read and hear for hours. Very interesting site.
UKUKE - Another great all-round site from our friends across the pond.
Tiny Ukers - If you listen real hard, you can almost hear them play. Curious yet?
Catfish's Closet - One of the most interesting collections of ukes I've seen.
From the vintage to the bizarre.
Moogly Moo paints ukuleles! Great stuff. Check it out.
Ukulele Underground lots of great stuff including "how to" videos.
Ukulele Bart. Great site with lots to see and do. KC Ukesters are featured on his Links page.
Ukulele Go! A great site from across the pond aimed at beginners but it has loads of bits of tab, interviews, tips and generally anything ukulele related. Check it out!

Ukulele Clubs Worldwide
United States
Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Ukulele Group
Fidalgo Ukulele Network - FUN Anacortes, Washington
Bellingham Ukulele Group
Bloomington Ukulele Club
Colorado River Uke Group Colorado
Delta Strummers California
Durham Ukulele Group
North Carolina
Kolohe Ukulele Club So. California
Portland Ukulele Association Oregon
Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz California

Townsville Ukulele Club Australia
Cairns Ukulele Club Australia
Ukulele Society of Great Britain United Kingdom
Tauton Ukulele Strummers Club United Kingdom
The Neatherlands The Neatherlands