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  There are many things you will need to learn as you play your ukulele more and more. Tuning of course is first and foremost, but you will eventually need to buy and change strings, purchase a humidifier or even a case for your instrument.

Tuning your ukulele is the most important thing you will need to learn. Here is a website to get you started with tuning.

If you don't already own a tuner get one. They can be purchased at most music store and of course online.

Featured is a Snark tuner but there are many different brands to chose from. There are also tuning Apps for smart phones. Very handy.

Personal preference of ukulele strings runs the gamut. Strings help define the tone of your ukulele and playing ease for each uke player. Everyone has an opinion and no one's opinion is wrong. My preference is Aquilla strings which can be purchased everywhere including on our mechendise page through Chuck Wilson.

Changing Strings
Ukulele strings are mostly made of nylon and through use will eventually stretch and start to lose their bright tone. For a video on how to change strings click here.

Often someone in the Kansas City Ukesters can show you how to change strings. Ask David /


Whether you bought your uke for thousands of dollars or less than $100, it deserves special care to always sound its best. That means protecting it from the very real dangers of dry air: warping, splitting, peeling, and cracking.

There are many kinds of humifiers on the market ranging from around $3.00 to $20.00 and most will work fine. I recommend the small instrument humidifier by Planet Waves (right). Small so it fits easily in your case and the sponge stays moist a long time so you re-moisten less often. About $6.00.

For humidifiers locally contact: Chuck Wilson . Priced to move!


I can't emphasize the importance of getting a case for your ukulele. They come in all shapes and sizes and of course prices range. Soft cases can run as low as $20.00 and hard cases can go into the hundreds. Any store that sells ukuleles will sell cases and I highly recommend getting one to protect your instrument.

For a variety of ukulele cases locally at good prices contact: Chuck Wilson .