Mathews’ Monthly Musing
April March 2018

All the songs from this meeting can be downloaded on the Songs & Music page. (Thanks Jim Donovan)

The Ukesters assembled in Ken Kelly Hall at St Pius X Church in Mission, Kansas on April 9, 2018. Dr Pat Manahan presided over the festivities.
Dr Pat had everyone introduce themself and share their most memorable ukulele performance they attended. There was a great variety of answers.
Dr Pat had Mike Kelly start things off with Dave Mason’s FEELIN’ ALRIGHT which was a big hit for the group Traffic and Joe Cocker. A song that sings the praises of euphoria. A great song to kickoff the meeting!
Chuck Wilson brought Fred Neil’s EVERYBODY’S TALKIN’ from the 1970 Academy Award winner for best picture, Midnight Cowboy. A big hit for Nilsson. About a fellow who’s not worried about what others think.
Holly Soptick was up next with the song that sent teenage girls around the globe screaming their heads off, Lennon and McCartney’s I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND.
The title says it all.
Steve Mathews led Sam Devere’s I HAD BUT 50 CENTS which was a poem written in 1885 and later set to music by Frank Rothe. It tells of a gentleman who takes his date to a fancy restaurant where she eats the finest cuisine as the horrified gentleman realizes he only has 50 cents in his pocket. Tsk tsk!
Judy White brought HONKY TONK MOON by Dennis O’Rourke which was a hit for Randy Travis. A nice mellow country song about a guy hanging out with his baby on a summer evening.
Chuck Wood brought TRAVELIN’ SOLDIER by Bruce Robison recorded by the Dixie Chicks. A very poignant song about a lonely soldier on leave who asks a waitress if he can write to her from overseas in Vietnam since he has no one to write to. She is attracted to him but, sadly he doesn’t return home.
Uke Workshop 04/28/2018 at The Fret Shop 4448 Bellevue KCMO 1PM to 3PM it will feature basics about playing your uke. David Firman is the instructor.
Chuck Wood announced the British Gala held at the Ararat Temple on May 19, 2018 from 10AM to 4PM.  Go to:  ESU Celebrates 2018 British Gala – Kansas City Branch for more info. Chuck is organizing uke players to perform.
Ken Kelly pointed out an interesting article in the April 8, 2018  Kansas City Star  which dealt with using ukuleles to treat Alzheimer patients.
Larry Herndon started the 2nd half with Mason Williams tender ballad of unrequited love YOU DONE STOMPED ON MY HEART. An ultimate parody of the standard country western song.
Dr Pat got us into the baseball spirit with Norworth and Von Tilzer’s anthem for the great national pastime TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME .  Chuck Wilson performed his fantastic jazz treatment of the song receiving much applause and  shouts of approval from the Ukesters present.
Steve was next with a get up and get moving song GET OUT GET UNDER THE MOON by Tobias, Jerome and Shay from 1928. All about going out and having a good time instead of moping around at home.
Chuck Wood led HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME by Michelle Shocked. A song that portrays life as a series of games. Shocked is a talented songwriter from Dallas who is not afraid of controversy in her songs or her daily life.
Mike Kelly led an impromptu version of Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell’s YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE that worked very well. Mike is a natural song leader. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys recorded the song in a minor key.
Holly Soptick brought POOR BOY’S DELIGHT by the Infamous Stringdusters. The Stringdusters are an acoustic bluegrass band out of Charlottesville, Virginia. It tells of a guy entreating his girl to dance with him. A very nice song.
At the request of Ken Kelly, the Ukesters reprised, in a most rowdy fashion, I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND.  The roof was raised.
DR Pat had us all sing that famous tale of western New York,  BUFFALO GALS with ukes, harmonica, kazoos, bass and whistles all clamoring for control of the song. A credo of cacophony!
Isabella Farren brought SUN SONG by Laura Veirs. Veirs is a singer/songwriter from Colorado Springs, Colorado who describes her songs as “combining science and poetry to bring strange beauty to everyday life.” A nice song with a haunting quality.
Dr Pat did a tremendous job of keeping the meeting going in the right direction and fitting the songs in. Great Job, Dr Pat!
Thanks to David Firman’s bass licks, Ken Kelly’s harmonica, Dr Pat’s whistle and the muscular cheeks of all the kazoo players present.
There was $93.00 in the donation box for the admirable parish of St Pius X. Thanks all ye donors and parishioners!!!
The next meeting will be on May 14, 2018 same time, same place unless otherwise notified. Mike Kelly will be handling the reins!!! Yay, Mike!
Until May 14th, I remain re-entrantly yours,