Mathews’ Monthly Musing
March 2018

All the songs from this meeting can be downloaded on the Songs & Music page. (Thanks Jim Donovan)

The Ukesters assembled in Ken Kelly Hall at St Pius X Parish in Mission, Kansas. Steve Mathews was the master of chaos. Steve had each Ukester provide their name and place of residence.
Steve started things with a nice 2 chorder ISTANBUL by Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon about the name change of a great international city. As fate would have it my sons and I went to see “They Might Be Giants” the following evening at the Truman. They are the group who revived this old 1950’s hit in 1990. They did a bang up version on Tuesday, as well.
Next up, Steve led UKULELE MUSIC a re-interpretation of the Memphis Jug Band’s JUG BAND MUSIC. A tribute to our wonderful 4 stringed buddy.
Chuck Wood led us in RAIN JUST FALLS by David Halley about a man who is despondent over falsehoods and lies of people imagining that they could be more straightforward like the falling rain. An interesting approach.
Mike Kelly brought WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME by Hank Williams. The gentleman bemoans the fact that the spark has gone out of his love life. He feels that he is still the same old loveable guy and yet his sweetheart seems to feel differently. Hank was a champion lyricist as well as having a great ear for melody.
Nancy Howell led us in a spoof of Leonard Cohen’s HALLELUJAH. Same beautiful melody with new lyrics by Tavit Smith. The new narrative tells of a stout hearted ukulele player who masters a handful of chords and boldly goes where no uke has gone before. A song that all of us could relate to.
Mark Muder was up next with Merle Haggard’s LET’S CHASE EACH OTHER AROUND THE ROOM. A fellow who wasn’t experiencing Hank Williams’ problem in the earlier song. Haggard also no slouch when it come to lyrics and melody. (Certainly all us boomers are over the OAKIE FROM MUSKOGEE shock by now)
Holly Soptick brought the soul classic, TWIST AND SHOUT by Phil Medley and Bert Berns. The song was a hit for the Isley Brothers in 1962 and The Beatles in 1963. The Ukesters certainly rocked the joint with this one. Several enterprising Ukesters attempted the famous Beatles “Woooooo!”.
Larry Herndon led us in JOANN by Michael Nesmith a brooding song about the woman of the title. There are rumors all over the net about its creation and apparently Nesmith did a self-parody of the song in which Joann was a cow, but most people close to him believe it was about a break-up that he does not wish to discuss otherwise.
                    THE UKESTERS BROKE
Steve started off the second half with Abba’s CHIQUITITA about one friend consoling another over some misfortune. Great tune by Benny and Bjorn!
Holly was up with Jimmy Buffett’s FINS about sharks (or perhaps the 5 dollar bills that he purchased his margaritas with) nice mellow song about the tropics.
Chuck Wood brought ROLL ON (EIGHTEEN WHEELER) by Alabama with shades of Red Sovine, about a trucker who is feared dead but found alive by song’s end.
The song keeps you on pins and needles to the end.
Mark Muder brought EVERYWHERE I GO by Willie Nelson. The song is about two friends , a man and a woman, whose paths keep crossing until they concede to the affection they have for each other. Willie is definitely another master of melody and lyrics. Hopefully he’ll patch up that hole in his guitar someday. It still sounds good though.
Mike Kelly finished off the evening with MY PEACE a very nice song using a Woody Guthrie poem for the lyrics with a melody composed by Woody’s son, Arlo. Very nice and fitting end to a meeting filled with great songs.
As always, thanks to David Firman for forgoing his own fondness for the uke to supply us with great bass licks each meeting. Thanks also to Jim Donovan for his vigilance on keeping the song sheets going out in the e-mail. They also appear on the website WWW.KCUKE.COM in the meeting wrapdown section. An extra thanks to David who created and maintains the website.
There was $70.10 in the donation box, Thanks to the parish of St Pius X and  to all those who contributed.
Next meeting will be April 9, 2018 same time, Ken Kelly Hall unless otherwise notified. The esteemed, Dr Pat will lead. Bring songs!!!
Until April I remain yours re-entrantly,