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Mathews' Monthy Musing
October 2017

Click here to download songs that were brought to this meeting.
Thanks Jim Donovan.

The Ukesters assembled in the Glowacki Room of St Pius X Church in Mission, Kansas on October 9, 2017. David "Ace of Bass" Firman directed the proceedings.

David had each ukester say who they were and where they were from. Lenexa and Overland Park seemed to have the greatest representation.

David started us off with that 2 chord delight by Hank Williams, JAMBALAYA, in which an unidentified boatman bids farewell to his friend, Joe, and paddles down the bayou to be
with the lovely Yvonne so they may feast on crawfish pie, gumbo and presumably jambalaya.

Holly Soptick was up next with 8 MORE MILES TO LOUISVILLE, a  country classic by Grandpa Jones, Willie Nelson and Sam Bush. Tells of a gentleman counting the miles until he is back in his beloved Louisville, Kentucky.

Chuck Wood was up next with 2-4-6-8 MOTORWAY by Tom Robinson a nice, rolling truck driving song in the spirit of SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD.

Nancy Howell took us to the land of shooby dooby and do wah wah with Gerry Goffin and Carole King's ONE FINE DAY made famous by the girl group, The Chiffons.  The song talks about the day that the singer's boyfriend comes around and appreciates her. A big hit in 1963. Nancy worked up some nifty group backing vocalization.

David took us from do-wop to hip with Bobby Troup's ROUTE 66. AS the story goes, Troup and his wife, Cynthia were driving cross country to California where Troup wished to try his luck at songwriting there. He considered writing a song about US 40 (now Interstate 70) when Cynthia suggested "get your kicks on Route 66" (now Interstates 55, 40 and 15). Troup only had one other big hit, THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT and
ended his career portraying Dr Joe Early in the early 1970's TV show, EMERGENCY, with second wife, Julie London. The song remains an R + B classic first recorded by Nat King Cole.

Rick Sullivan was up with a nice Halloween type song, Leiber and Stoller's, LOVE POTION NUMBER 9. First recorded by the Clovers, and a nice hit for the Coasters and the British group, The Searchers. About a chap who can't get a girl and obtains an aphodisiac from a gypsy that causes him to kiss everything in sight (including a cop). Another case of "be careful what you wish for."


Several announcements were made after the break;

DRACULA: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN will be performed at the Alcott Arts Center in Kansas City, Kansas beginning October 21 for more info: ALCOTTARTSCENTER.ORG

THE PORCH FEST (uke players performing on the porch) will be this Saturday, October 14 from 5pm to 6pm in the vicinity of 38th and Madison in KCMO (Roanoke neighbor hood) Mike Kelly is the contact.

David started the second half with another jazz standard, BEAT ME DADDY EIGHT TO THE BAR by Don Raye. A song about a red hot piano player in Elgin, Texas. The title comes from a hipster phrase coined by Raye's friend, drummer Ray McKinley who would call on the piano player (Daddy) to play a boogie (8 to the bar). Recorded by Glenn Miller, Woody Herman, and Ella Fitzgerald.

David led us in that curse of the working class anthem, SIXTEEN TONS, by Merle Travis. Tells of an unusually disturbed coal miner who seems to be a poor candidate for arbitration. Tennessee Ernie Ford's booming bass voice is the most famous version, but Fred Hellerman of The Weavers does an impressive version also.

Jim Dickason provided the hard rock moment of the evening with Lynard Skynard's GIMME THREE STEPS. The story of a foolish fellow who flirts with a vengeful man's girlfriend. The singer does'nt ask for mercy just a three step start to escape the dangerous situation.

Nancy Howell led us in Harry Nilsson's ONE (IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER) made famous by Three Dog Night. Nilsson wrote the song after making a phone call and getting a busy signal. Nancy worked up some backing vocals on this song also.

For all those who fondly recall the days of  the smell of gasoline and the feel of grease beneath the fingernails and cracks in the hand, Rick Sullivan brought LITTLE DEUCE COUPE by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian. If there ever existed an ode to the shade tree mechanic who arrogantly insisted his car was the hottest, this is it! A Beach Boys classic!

Chuck Wood brought TWO MORE BOTTLES OF WINE by Delbert McClinton. Tells of a guy who consoles himself over the loss of a girlfriend by noting that he still has two bottles of wine left to assuage his pain. A country flavored tune by McClinton who is more prominently known as a blues singer and harpist.

Holly was next with FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE by British band, The Cure. Song is about a fellow who struggles through the week to get to Friday at which point everything is better. Evocative of FRIDAY ON MY MIND by The Easybeats.

Chuck Wood brought the evening to a close with Kristy McColl's YOU BROKE MY HEART IN 17 PLACES. The singer sings of her wishy-washy boyfriend who has run off for the last time. She is cutting ties and off on her own.

David Firman did a tremendous job of getting the group through 14 songs and keeping the meeting flowing. Great job, David!  (David supplied his great bass licks also!)

Ken Kelly supplied some harmonica highlights. Dick Kruger spelled David on the bass for a song. Thanks to you both!

Jim Donovan does a great job of dispersing the songsheets from each meeting. Thanks, Jim!

There was $52.00 in the donation box. We thank our gracious hosts, St Pius X Parish and those who contributed.

The next Ukester meeting will be same time, same place on November 13, 2017. Steve Mathews will lead.

There were 3 songs that we were unable to get to tonight. FIVE FOOT TWO, FIVE HUNDRED MILES and WHEN I'M 64.  Hang onto those sheets and we will use them to start the next meeting.


Until November 13, 2017,
I remain re-entrantly yours,