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Mathews' Monthy Musing
June 2017

Click here to download songs that were brought to this meeting.

The Ukesters assembled in the world-famous Glowacki Room at St Pius X Church in Mission on June 12, 2017. David Firman was our leader. David set a theme of rock and roll hits from the 1950's and 1960's.

David had each Ukester identify themself and reveal where they were born. There was a nice cross-section of the country there.

Chuck "have I got a ukulele for you!" Wilson had on  hand the usual ukulele accoutrements  (strings, humidors, tuning gadgets, a ukulele and a marvelous selection of his famous embroidered ukulele hats)

The Ukesters will perform at Old Shawnee town from 7:00PM to 8:30PM on June 28, 2017. All are invited to participate but you need to attend at least 1 of 2 rehearsals held at the Glowacki Room on Sunday, June 18 at 3:00PM and June 25 at 3:00PM.

David started us off with COME SOFTLY TO ME a mellow hit by the Fleetwoods from 1959. THe song was composed by the group who recorded  it a cappella in member Gary Troxel's living room as he shook his car keys to keep time. The recording was sent off to Los Angeles where the instrumental accompaniment was added. David divided the song into male and female choruses who sang in counterpoint of each other.

David next led us in Fats Domino's tribute to the shoe leather express, I'M WALKIN'.
Fats wrote the song with Dave Bartholomew in 1957 and it became his 3rd Number 1 hit on the R & B charts.

Steve Mathews was up next with Elvis Presley's HEARTBREAK HOTEL. Elvis, Mae Axton and Tommy Durden wrote the song in 1955 which became Elvis's first hit on RCA records after moving there from Sun records.

Rick Sullivan was up next with Buddy Holly's PEGGY SUE written for Crickets drummer Jerry Allison's girlfriend, Peggy Sue Gerron.

David was up next with Big Joe Turner's SHAKE, RATTLE, AND ROLL written by Jesse Stone. Bill Haley and the Comets performed a cleaned up version of the song compared to Big Joe Turner's version.

David went over how to curb your enthusiasm during a solo performance. In addition, David went over the technique of counting out a song.

The Ukesters broke.

David opened the second half of the meeting with COME ON by Chuck Berry. It's about a guy who's lost his girl and is hoping that she comes back to him. THe Rolling Stones cover of the song was their first single in 1963.

Steve was back with the bubble gum classic, YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I'VE GOT LOVE IN MY TUMMY by the Ohio Express. Written by Resnick and Levine in 1968.

Holly Soptick brought PEACEFUL EASY FEELING by The Eagles written by Jack Tempchin. Lead singer was the late Glen Frey, It was featured on the Eagles 1972 debut album. David and Nancy Howell led the song.

Rick Sullivan was up next with PROMISED LAND, a Chuck Berry song that talks of going to Hollywood to become a star.

Holly Soptick led us in TOP OF THE WORLD a 1973 hit for The Carpenters. Written by
Richard Carpenter and John Bettis  with a country swing to it.

David had us finish up with 2 Ukester favorites, BUFFALO GALS and IKO IKO

David, in addition to his impeccable bass licks was an excellent meeting guru and led us through a nice, nostalgic evening. Thanks, David.!

Ken Kelly provided splashes of harmonica fireworks through out the evening. Dick Kruger was able to relieve David for part of the evening. (by serving as backup bassman).

There was the tidy sum of $67  in the donation box. As always, we thank the St Pius X parish and all who contributed,

The next meeting will be on July 10, 2017 same place and time. Rick Sullivan will lead and has indicated a FOLK SONG THEME will be encouraged. break out your Kingston Trio albums and bring some folk songs.


  Until July, I remain sincerely yours                  STEVE