Ukester Chuck Wilson is creating some of the coolest embroidered uke designs around. Uke Thongs and embroidered ukulele themed apparel. Please check out the Mechandise page to see more.
  These accessories are availble through Chuck Wilson at competitive prices.
  Embroidered ukulele themed apparel. For custom design and production for clothing embroiderey, please contact: Wild Child Embroidery • 816-822-9829 or



Uke Tail

Uke Girl

Kansas City Ribs

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"Play Well With Others: How to Jam Like A Pro" is targeted to beginning or intermediate musicians who want to hone their skills playing music in groups. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing for years, you need to know some basic rules of jamming, or you might become a jam buster. Later, the book talks about talks about things like music progressions, transposing, and musical keys, and gives you a musical foundation for jamming.

It's written in a down to earth, conversational style, with stories and funny cartoons to add to the flavor.
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Uke Thong
Does your uke keep slipping out of your hands while you play standing? Here is the answer, the Uke Thong. Like a guitar strap only less cumbersome. Contact Wild Child Embroidery for more information about styles and cost.

Wild Child Embroidery • 816-822-9829 or