Monthly Meeting Wrap Down

Matthews' Monthly Musing
May 2019

All the songs from this meeting can be downloaded on the Songs & Music page. (Thanks Jim Donovan)

The Ukesters gathered in the Glowacki room at St Pius X Parish in Mission, Kansas on May 13, 2019. Holly Soptick was the leader. Holly had everyone introduce themselves.

Holly started things off leading Sam Cooke's tribute to the 1960's dance craze with TWISTIN' THE NIGHT AWAY. Sam wrote so many good songs CUPID, YOU SEND ME, DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HISTORY, and BRING IT ON HOME TO ME. Tragically he was murdered in 1964 when his career was just beginning to rise.

Chuck Wood was up next with Stevie Winwood's hastily assembled classic, GIMME SOME LOVIN' performed as a member of the Spencer Davis Group. It was an introduction to one of rock's most famous voices. Chuck wowed the crowd playing a melodian (hand held keyboard) lead-in ala Jon Batiste of the Colbert show.

Steve, insanely jealous of Chuck's mastery of the melodian  led PALISADES PARK by Gong Show guru, Chuck Barris and recorded by Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon. Steve's answer to the melodian was a Bob Dylan kazoo.

Judy White sang a great novelty song about names used for tools or devices  when the actual name is unknown, entitled THINGAMAJIG, by Cindy Walker. Walker was an acclaimed songwriter and performer who also penned IN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT and SUGAR MOON.

Holly led us in the late Tom Petty's ballad of backbone, I WON'T BACK DOWN, co written with Jeff Lynne of The Electric Light Orchestra. The two both played in the Traveling Wilbury's.

Rick Sullivan took us to the break with Paul Simon's testament that "you can go home again!" HOMEWARD BOUND. A great tune from the early days of Simon and Garfunkel. The Ukesters embraced the song.


Returning there were announcements:

PORCHFEST is this coming weekend in the Valentine neighborhood. Chuck Wilson will be posting more info. Location 3664 Jefferson KCMO

May 25th will bring the Lawrence Busker Festival if interested bring your uke and/or singing voice to the Granada Theater on Massachusetts Street  on the date. Linda Tilton will have more information.

June 1st will feature a uke jam at Mass Street Music (also in Lawrence) at noon

June 12th The Ukesters are invited to play at Old Shawnee Town's Harvest Moon Festival. More information coming. Participation will require attendance at a rehearsal. All are invited.

David Firman has news about other uke events this summer. He can be contacted at:

The music resumed with SHE LOVES YOU by The Beatles about a woman who was hurt so bad by her boyfriend that she almost lost her mind but still realized he was not the hurting kind....hmmmm. Oh well the rhyme was everything with the Fab Four in those days. Peter Sellers does a great parody of the song with several different versions on You Tube.

Karen Kesler brought SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY by Les Brown, Ben Horner, and Bud Green. The song  brought Doris Day to the forefront and started a meteoric career as a singer and an actress. Great song from the 1940's.

Chuck Wood eager to put down Steve's earlier kazoo performance smugly sported his own kazoo and  led us in IT'S NOT UNUSUAL by Gordon Mills and Les Reed, a hit for Tom Jones. Chuck's expertise with the melodian obviously gave him the edge with the kazoo as Steve's lips were strained and his kazoo playing was over for the evening. Unfortunately he was still able to sing.

Steve led YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY by the Bubble Gum masters, Resnick and Levine who time after time were able to muster up some of the most inane lyrics ever set to music.

Holly ended the evening on a poignant note with Harry Chapin's CAT'S IN THE CRADLE which tells of a father who is always too busy to spend time with his son only to discover his son too busy when the father has time. A great moral ballad from the 1970's.

Holly did an excellent job running the meeting as always and we're glad she's back in good health. Thanks, Holly!

David Firman provided substance to the evening's music with his great bass licks. Jim Donovan provides songsheets for those unable to acquire one at the meeting or who weren't present. Thanks David and Jim!

There was $56.00 in the donation box, thanks to St Pius Parish and all who donated.

The next meeting will be June 10th, 2019. Same time, same place . Steve Mathews will lead.


Until June, I remain re-entrantly yours,