Monthly Meeting Wrap Down

Matthews' Monthly Musing
January 2019

All the songs from this meeting can be downloaded on the Songs & Music page. (Thanks Jim Donovan)

The Ukesters assembled in Ken Kelly Hall at St Pius X Parish in Mission, Kansas on January 15, 2019 to ring in 2019!!!  David "Ace of Bass" Firman was our able leader.

David had everyone introduce themselves and reveal the title of the last song they learned on the ukulele. There was a variety of enviable tunes!

David started us off with our beloved 2 chorder,  BUFFALO GALS with Ken Kelly's harmonica, David's bass, assorted kazoos and whistles. An excellent way to start the New Year off with a bang.

Mike Kelly announced the Lil' Rev workshop/concert on April 6, 2019 at Ken Kelly Hall $15 for the workshop, $10 for the concert and $25 for both, Lil Rev is a ukulele sensation and a great teacher. More later.

David brought up the prospect of having another workshop on April 15, 2019 with Ukulele artist Ben Carson. He will look into it and have more info later.

Chuck Wood announced the Brit Fest at the Ararat Shrine Temple off Eastwood Trafficway on May 4, 2019. More later.

Holly Soptick has rescheduled last week's snowed out Uke Jam at the Monticello Branch of the Johnson County Library in Shawnee for this coming Saturday, January 19, 2019.

David led CATHY'S CLOWN by the Everly Brothers about a poor fellow who's girl treats him bad.

Mike Kelly was up next with a Dillard's number, OLD HOME PLACE, about a guy who returns to his hometown to find his girl gone and the buildings torn down.

Holly Soptick brought DOWN IN THE BOONDOCKS about a mean daddy who won't let the singer see his daughter so they have to sneak out to meet ala Romeo and Juliet..

Chuck Wood brought GARDEN PARTY by Rick Nelson which was a record of him and his band being booed at Madison Square Garden when he switched from singing his teen idol songs to a Rolling Stones tune. Which made him stop playing and leave.

Steve Mathews brought SONG OF THE BANDIT by Bob Nolan of "Sons of the Pioneers" about a Wyoming maid who loves a doomed bandit who comes back for her after he dies.


David resumed the music with NEVER MY LOVE by Donald and Richard Addrisi and recorded by The Association with the leads being sung by Larry Ramos and Terry Kirkman. In 1999,  the song was rated the 2nd most played song in history between YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELING and YESTERDAY. .

Rick Sullivan led IN MY HOUR OF DARKNESS by Gram Parsons a haunting song of desperation and faith that was released 4 months after his death in September 1973.  The song was not very popular until the years passed and its sincere message touched people. 

Mark Muder lightened things up with MOONSHADOW by Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam) released in 1970. Stevens considered this his favorite song. In Spain he saw the moon had cast his shadow on the ground which fascinated him.And voila, the song was born. Living in London twas hard for him to locate the moon for the buildings and lights.

Mike Kelly was back with George Cobb and Jack Yellen's ALABAMA JUBILEE a song that brings to mind a revival or medicine show. A rollicking number recorded by just about everyone.

Holly provided the Beatle's moment for the evening with A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. . The song was written by John Lennon in one night with some collaboration with Paul McCartney. The idea was to describe the madness of the insane concert touring  and the accompanying "Beatlemania" of the fans. 

Steve finished off the evening with IN MY LITTLE SNAPSHOT ALBUM bu George Formby, another Englishman. It tells of a very inventive, but mischievous "chap" who invents a camera and goes around taking pictures of things he shouldn't.

David did a dashing job of leading us through the songs as well as rendering great bass licks. Ken was back with his New Year's harmonica. And Jim continues to send the songs from each meeting out to email land! Thanks to you all!

There was something in the neighborhood of $40 in the collection box, thanks to St Pius X parish and those who contributed.

Next meeting will be on February 11, 2019 same time same place. Steve Mathews will lead.